Dear Friends of Hunt Hill Farm,

As I planned our December production of A Children’s Christmas in Wales, I was reminded of Dylan Thomas’s other famous poem, Fern Hill, which reads in part:

And as I was green and carefree, famous among the barns
About the happy yard and singing as the farm was home,
In the sun that is young once only,
Time let me play and be….


These words reflect the new energy pulsing through Hunt Hill Farm, creating community around food, art and music. For almost five decades Hunt Hill has been a favorite gathering place for chefs, musicians, artisans – practicing and sharing their crafts in the Litchfield Hills.

Reflecting on the past twelve months, we’ve grafted new life onto the bones of a 46-year-old institution.  We’ve continued such cherished traditions as families gathering to make Christmas ginger bread houses, while adding new programs like our incredible Thursday open mic nights and yoga and meditation classes.

I’m thrilled to articulate our mission and communicate the magic these events and experiences bring to our community. I hope this excitement resonates with you and proves worthy of your investment.

Over the last twelve months we have developed high-impact activities and programs in our realms of food, art and music:

  • Ruane Emerging Artist Program (REAP) – Created to support emerging local artists by recognizing, cultivating and amplifying vital, new voices across the arts, enabling these artists to reach broader audiences and impact discourse in their fields;
  • Arts – Expanded programs in the visual and performing arts with gallery showings, performances and workshops for children, teens and families, enabling them to experience the arts in new ways;
  • Open Mic – Created a weekly forum for musicians to engage audiences through original works and diverse genres;
  • Food – Offered workshops and programs to teach cooking techniques, grounded in the vital connection of food to health and wellness;
  • Local community support – Supported the New Milford Food Bank through the Empty Bowl event, the high school’s juried art expo and local musician concerts.
  • Scholarships – Offered scholarships to our events and summer camps to ensure that the full diversity of our community can participate in our high impact programs.

In short, Hunt Hill is creating real community around three of the most important aspects of life at a time where people are separated by technology and inundated by social media – making vital human connections via the experiences of sharing food, art and music. Our differentiation is our ability to mix and connect food, art and music – to pick it, cook it, play it, or make it – thus inspiring new generations.

As a recovering Wall Streeter moving from for-profit to nonprofit, this powerful sense of community was a revelation. It has inspired and motivated me to continuing reinventing Hunt Hill. I ask you to invest in our future and join me in this undertaking.

If you know Hunt Hill from the past, come back; if you are new to Hunt Hill come in often to experience the breadth of our adventure; if you are a longtime member, renew and keep coming! And please consider my request to further invest in our future.


With Gratitude,



John C. Maxwell, III