Dear Friends of Hunt Hill Farm,

Welcome to Hunt Hill Farm’s virtual presence and hope your takeaway from our website will lead you to visit our campus and experience one of our workshops, classes or other opportunities.

Hunt Hill Farm has been a center of learning for over 45 years, offering public programs for children, youths and adults to nurture a deeper understanding of art, music, cooking, organic farming and land use.  Since its inception as a non-profit by Ruth and Skitch Henderson in 1968, Hunt Hill Farm has been a favorite gathering place for our community, chefs, musicians and artisans alike. Their vison is still at the heart of Hunt Hill Farm, and still relevant today.

As a non-profit, Hunt Hill Farm is dedicated to bringing unique opportunities and experiences to the local Litchfield county community. These high impact programs and experiences range from making the connection from plow to table for health, wellness and disease prevention, to an emerging artist program, senior yoga, and more youth programs and summer camps.

During 2018, we plan to add exciting new experiences and educational opportunities to include organic farming, music, digital film making and other educational workshops.

Please think seriously about getting involved by giving of your time by volunteering, in passing it along by mentoring and teaching and by investing in our programs.

Looking forward to seeing you on campus!


Sincerely yours,



John C. Maxwell, III