Kids & Teens Programs

Get kids in the kitchen! Let our chef’s show your kids how easy cooking can be. Learn how to make everything from main courses to desserts with plenty of tasting along the way.

Summer Programs

At HHF, students learn about local organic agriculture and nutrition through hands-on activities to learn practical life skills such as cooking, gardening, problem solving, and working together. Offering a variety of Summer programs for both kids and teens. Below are our upcoming summer programs.

Baking Series
July 9 – 13
In this fun, hands-on 5-day baking series, kids will learn the fundamentals of baking and the importance of choosing recipes with sweet, yet healthy ingredients. What better way to add sweetness to your baking than with fruits and other natural ingredients! We will teach the students how to read and follow recipes and how to use their creativity with flavorings and presentation. This class will be chock full of healthy sweet treats while the group learns valuable kitchen and team skills.

Travel America
July 23 – 27 
Though we live in New England, some of our favorite foods come from North, South, East and West of us. Just thinking about traveling across America may create visions of Chicago Style Pizza, Cincinnati Chili, Philadelphia Cheesesteak, and more! In this 5-day cooking series, kids will learn where some favorite dishes originated from as well as basic cooking skills as they create and enjoy them. Let’s go “on vacation” at Hunt Hill Farm as we Travel America in our kitchen!

Cook from the Farm and Garden
Jul 16 – 20
Today it is more important than ever to teach our children where their food comes from and why that is important. During this 5-day cooking series, the students will learn those principles … Each day, the menu will be based on seasonal ingredients obtained from local farms. This will be a fun and educational week of lessons that will last a lifetime and result in great tasting meals and better health overall.

July 30 – August 3
Does your child love the popular cooking show “Chopped!”? If so, Hunt Hill Farm has a unique and fun opportunity for them to compete with others their own age in a friendly cooking competition. While working in teams and strategizing together, they will use their creativity to turn each mystery basket into a winning dish! There will be three menu items (appetizer, entrée, and dessert) and each group will work together to present each course to the judges. The winner each day will be based on taste, presentation, creativity, and the use of the mystery basket. Groups will come together at the end of class and enjoy the dinner they have prepared each day.

Around the world
August 13 – 17
The United States is a melting pot of various cuisines from Around the World. We are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to sample and enjoy foods from around the world by visiting area restaurants. However, once you learn about different ingredients used to create other cuisines and then apply classic cooking techniques, it is easy to enjoy these exotic tastes in your own home. In this class, teens will be introduced to a variety of foods from Around the World and learn how they can prepare them at home. This 5-day cooking series will be as fun as it is tasty!